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The apartments of the Appart’hôtel AnyósPark the Mountain & Wellness Resort are welcoming havens of peace, located in a beautiful natural setting. All apartments offer a rustic and authentic character, typical of Pyrenean mountain accommodations with full 4-star services. The perfect combination that will guarantee you all the relaxation you need in an always pleasant atmosphere. Please note that the complex offers accommodation for 2, 3, 4 and up to 8 people.


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Epicurism and passion festival

The Art de Vivre Festival will be accessible to all epicureans wishing to share a moment of conviviality around Cigars, Spirits, Wine, Coffee, Chocolate ans more… It will also be an opportunity to meet the people behind these brands and talk with them in order to acquire more and more knowledge about their products and know-how.

Some of the booths will offer you some samples for free so you can discover them.

Entrée interdite aux personnes mineurs -de 18 ans

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Cigar rolling workshop – Gala Night fiesta blanca

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Cigare Don fidel
Cigare El Viejo Continente
Distillerie Nitos
Cigare Vedada Flat black


Distillerie Nitos
Distillerie Nitos


Distillerie Nitos
Distillerie Nitos
Sol Hermoso Formation Roulage
Sol Hermoso Formation Roulage
Distillerie Nitos
Distillerie Nitos


It is in the Principality of Andorra and an exceptional setting, that a must-see event is now held for all the epicureans of France, Spain, Andorra and Europe… The second edition of the festival took place on June 16, 17 and 18, 2023 and once again put the Art de Vivre in all its splendour in the spotlight. Big names in the New World cigars, spirits, coffee and accessories (100% Made in France) have come together to showcase their know-how and to transmit to epicureans their history and passion… This uninhibited event, in the spirit of conviviality, awaits you in June 2024 for the third edition of the Festival…

On the way to FADV-24 !

The Art de vivre 2023 festival is being prepared for more and more new adventures. You want to participate in this unique experience in Europe? Click for more information.

Exhibitor Area

Are you a company or a craftsman with a real history, a real know-how? We are interested in you! All the products of the art of living are welcome in our festival (cigars, accessories, spirits, wine, food products, watches, etc.). If epicureanism is one of your strong values and you want to talk to interested European epicureans who will come to meet you and learn from your products then don’t wait and join the adventure!!!

Espace boutique de fumeurs pour le festival art de vivre d'Andorre

Visito Area

Whether you are a novice, confirmed amateur or real aficionado, this event is for you. Come share with us a moment of epicurism placed under the sign of conviviality, sharing and pleasure. Don’t wait any longer and come and discover our prestigious exhibitors during the third edition of the Festival Art de Vivre in Andorra. This year we won’t have room for everyone

Espace visiteurs pour le festival art de vivre d'Andorre


The family of the Art de Vivre Festival continues to grow year after year and today we have many friends! You think you can help us to develop the notoriety of the festival and allow more aficonados to meet us in order to have a good time and make beautiful encounters…

Espace média pour le festival art de vivre d'Andorre


Whether you are president of a cigar club or the owner of a tobacco shop, we want to meet you on this 3rd edition of the festival and maybe we can organize a unique animation for you. Contact us so that we can get to know each other better and so that we can explain our concept to you. We can’t wait to get to know you!

Espace bureau de tabac

Andorre | fadv-24

Comment s’y rendre ?

La principauté d’Andorre est un pays situé dans les Pyrénées, entre la France et l’Espagne. La capitale, Andorre la Vieille, se situe à environ deux heures de route de deux grandes villes telles que Barcelone en Espagne et Toulouse en France.
La route est le seul moyen pour se rendre dans la principauté Andorre, le pays n’étant desservi ni par le transport aérien ni par le transport ferroviaire.
Il est malgré tout possible de se rapprocher des frontières de l’Andorre en train ou en avion, puis d’emprunter ensuite les navettes fréquentes de bus qui permettent d’atteindre l’Andorre.

Quelles formalités pour entrer en Andorre ?

La situation d’Andorre dans le contexte international est particulière. Notre pays ne fait pas partie de l’Union européenne et n’appartient pas à l’Espace Schengen, mais nous avons passé des accords avec nos pays voisins concernant les flux. Ainsi, vous ne rencontrerez pas d’obstacles supplémentaires pour entrer dans la Principauté.