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It is in the principality of Andorra and an exceptional location, that an unmissable event for all epicureans of France, Spain, Andorra and Europe is now taking place… The second edition of the festival took place on June 3, 4 and 5, 2022 and once again, it honored the Art of Living in all its glory. Great new world cigars´brands, spirits, coffee but also accessories (100% Made in France) joined together to put forward their knowledge and to transmit to the epicureans their history and their passion… This decomplexed event, under the sign of the conviviality, awaits you so see you in June 2023 for the third edition of the Festival…

On the way to the FADV-23 !

The Festival Art de vivre 2023 is being prepared for even more new adventures… Would you like to participate in this unique experience in Europe? Click here for more information.


You are a company or a craftsman with a real history, a real know-how? We are interested in you! All products of the art of living are welcome in our festival (cigars, accessories, spirits, wine, food products, watches …). If epicureanism is one of your strong values and you wish to reach out to interested European epicureans who will come to meet you and learn about your products then don’t wait any longer and join the adventure!

Espace boutique de fumeurs pour le festival art de vivre d'Andorre


Whether you are a novice, a confirmed amateur or a real aficionado, this event is made for you. Come and share with us a moment of epicureanism placed under the sign of conviviality, sharing and pleasure. Do not wait any longer and come to discover our prestigious exhibitors during the third edition of the festival Art de Vivre in Andorra. The opening of the ticketing is scheduled for mid-December, so get ready, this year we will not have room for everyone …

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The Art de Vivre festival family is growing year after year and we now have many friends! You think you can help us to develop the notoriety of the festival and to allow more and more aficonados to meet us in order to share a good moment and to make great encounters..

Espace média pour le festival art de vivre d'Andorre


Whether you are president of a cigar club or owner of a tobacco shop, we want to meet you on this 3rd edition of the festival in order to organize a special animation at your image. Contact us so that we can get to know you better and explain our concept.

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The magasine FAVD-21


BARON and his team

Baron was founded in 2017 with the goal of promoting l’Art de Vivre (the Art of Living). This veritable multidisciplinary consulting agency, Baron is sensitive to products that tell a story. Among other things, Baron is dedicated to bring brands closer to its consumers in order to create timeless moments and immersive experiences. It is quite naturally that this company has become a specialist in the world of premium cigars and spirits. Today, Baron´s team wish to take up a challenge: to install this major premium event that honors Art de Vivre and the products of Latin America in Europe.

Christian Founder Festival Art de Vivre

A word about the director of Baron  :
Christian-Denis CARENSAC

Born in Guatemala from a Guatemalan mother and a French father, he grew up with the best of both cultures: the warmth, the conviviality and the simplicity of Latin America combined with the epicureanism, the culture of good products, the gastronomy and the French know how in terms of luxury. After ten years of experience for a major actor of the tobacco world in Andorra, he quickly became passionate about handmade cigars, especially from terroirs rarely known in Europe (Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica…) and spirits.
Having a deep bond with his origins, Christian-Denis and his team wish today to create a space of expression for these Latin American countries in order to put them even more in the spotlight in Europe. With his relational abilities and his desire to bring people together, this ambitious project aims to become a reference in the matter.

FADV-22 | Festival Art de vivre 2022 !

For this second edition, the Festival Art de Vivre© has once again highlighted the know-how and products of Latin America. Great names of the New World cigar, coffee, spirits and accessories met to make discover their products.
Masterclasses, tastings, interactions between aficionados and a gala night took place during the weekend of June 3 to 5, 2022 where the key words were: Epicureanism, Passion, Sharing.
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